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Rabbit food for the face | SKINFOOD’s Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask Review

**PSA: Don’t feed this to your rabbit or pets. Thanks.**

Commuting four days a week is taking a toll on my skin. I’ve been a home baby for a good 2 years now. Suddenly getting exposed to the metro’s hellish air, coupled with the incoming summer heat are doing wonders to my pores. While I only still get the occasional acne whenever the red tide visits, I try to be vigilant when it comes to preventing breakouts and other facial nasties.

My face angel came in the form of my friend, Cy, who graciously purchased Althea’s Anti-Pollution box for me last February. The box of le goodies came with a full sized jar of SKINFOOD’s Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask. The name is quite a mouthful, the ingredient list even more so.


It boasts a powerful combination of 5 vegetable extracts – wheat grass, kale, celery, cabbage and broccoli- all designed to detoxify, and replenish the skin with essential nutrients to keep it healthy and pure.

I’ve been using this mask for a good 30 days now, definitely enough time to assess and review the product in my opinion.

When I first used this, the bitter vegetable scent was quite pungent. If you’re not a fan of how green juices smell, fret not, it fades seconds after applying it on the skin.


After a few days of use, I could barely notice the scent – either my nose got used to it or it eventually faded because of the constant exposure to air.

This mask almost feels like Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity, minus the short shelf life, the painstaking product reservation madness, and the strong minty feel [tbh, I’m a fan of the in your face minty freshness].


It’s not as grainy or as abrasive as a sugar scrub.  I only need a pea-sized amount to put a thin cover on my whole face. My brother and I like to use it as a calming agent whenever we have any active acne.


  • Long Shelf Lifes1.jpgIt says on the packaging that it was manifactured on December 2016 and it’s expiration date is on May 2019. It doesn’t come with a spatula tho so err on the side of caution, find your own spatula, scoop the product out with clean fingers [and nails!], and store it in the fridge when not in use.

    At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably end up consuming the whole jar in 4 or 5 months.

  • Doesn’t leave my face uncomfortably tight.
  • Reduces redness. Calms my face pepperonis without irritating them further. While it doesn’t dry out my active volcanoes instantly, with continued use, it did eventually dry them out faster than if I left the little monsters alone



  • It is pretty expensive on its own

    The Bitter Green Soothing Clay mask retails for 12USD/620PHP on Althea PH21USD on SKINFOOD’s website and 15.75USD on Amazon. I got it bundled in the Anti-Pollution Box, I didn’t spend a dime on this.

     There are other green wash off masks in the market that promises the same thing  for half the price and with more or less the same amount in this jar.



Will I buy it on it’s own? Probably not unless I have a good discount because I’m broke and I’m cheap 

Do I love it? I guess. It did okay. While it’s not my Holy Grail item, it is my go to mask atm. It’s still the first thing I reach for after I clean my face, and what I use before going out for my quick no make-up errand runs.  I like it enough to stick with it until my current jar runs out.

UPDATE: I have been using this lately as a skin prep mask before I leave for my morning commute and at night to remove any residual city gunk my facial cleanser missed.

What’s your favorite wash-off mask? Have you tried any cheaper, more effective alternatives? Lemme know!

**Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All opinions on the product are my own**



4 thoughts on “Rabbit food for the face | SKINFOOD’s Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask Review

    1. Heyya, Meesh!
      Thanks for reading this entry!
      At first, I only used the mask every 4 days [because I didn’t need it, and I barely went out of my room] BUT I started using this almost twice a day lately when I found myself commuting to the city 5 days a week.
      Sounds too much, I know.
      I’m a little paranoid and so extra when it comes to preventing acne. I’m banking on the mask’s claim that it creates a protective “barrier” from pollution and dirt. So far, no new pimples or blackheads, so it’s probably working. I make sure to apply essence, serums, and moisturizer over it tho so my skin won’t feel stripped.
      In the morning, I leave it on for 10 minutes then wash it off. At night tho, because I have more time, I would leave it on for as long as 20 or at least until it dries.
      Hope this helps ❤

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