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NSO Birth Certificate – How to get it THE EASY WAY

Talk about adulting essentials! If you want start spreading your adulting wings, you need to get your Valid IDs and important documents in order!


I don’t know about you but I’m starting from scratch here. Ever since we moved from our old place 8 years ago, it seems like I can never find my personal documents! Crazy! Out of all the legal documents I need, I figured getting my birth certificate is the least complicated, so I started with that.

Lucky for me, and you if you’re here because you need this paper too, obtaining an NSO issued Birth Certificate has been made EASY. It’s so damn simple I could do it without leaving my bed.

Hold my hand, honey. Imma show you how I got mine.

Disclaimer: This post is for Philippine residents only. If you are not a natural born Filipino citizen, I might not be able to help but I could try and include links that could help you if you ask nicely! This is not a sponsored/affiliated post. I am only blogging from experience and will be including the sources I found in the process. If you need your birth certificate ASAP, don’t bother reading this  I’m not sure if the website entertains rush orders.

STEP 1: Go to It’s pretty self-explanatory from here on out.


Just click the ‘Click here to request now button’ [yes, the one that looks like one of those ‘You Won an iPad scams]


fill out the form [there will be several of these asking for your delivery information and the important deets of your birth certificate]. Afterwards you’ll be asked to print a confirmation slip/receipt that you would then use to pay for your request!

Note: Only PAID requests will be sent for delivery. This isn’t one of those cash-on-delivery set ups, I would’ve preferred that tbh

STEP 2: Payment

There are 2 options: 1. pay over the counter or 2. via online banking


The price for 1 Copy is 315PHP.

I paid mine cia the online banking system, in my jammies and 3 day old shirt like a disgusting hermit boss

STEP 3: Play the Waiting Game

Seriously, just wait. According to the website it takes 5-9 business days after the payment is confirmed, holidays and weekends obvs not included, for it to get to you. Just give it two weeks to be on the safe side.

Mine arrived in 8 business days after I paid.

See? So simple! All you need is patience, 315 PHP, and an internet connection 🙂

Why bother getting this, you ask. Little duck, not only does this document counts as a Valid ID it’s the Mother Valid ID of all Valid IDs! *cue redundancy*

Seriously tho, you’d need this piece of paper to apply for other Valid IDs [NBI Clearance, Passport, Driver’s License, Postal ID etc]. Better get this one in your arsenal ASAP.

Most ID or Bank applications only require that you bring a copy of your birth certificate and the original for proof. You get to keep the original ofc. Keep that mofo safe. Err on the side of caution and make five copies while you’re at it.

I’ll be honest – I thought it’d take them forever to deliver my birth certificate. I was pleasantly surprised when they lived up to their promise.


3 thoughts on “NSO Birth Certificate – How to get it THE EASY WAY

      1. Heck, I’m getting kilig reading your compliment haha.

        But no, seriously when I stumbled upon your blog earlier this day, I spent the next few hours reading your posts!

        Love the perfect blend of humor and wit in your writing. 💕


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